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When Experience and Reputation counts.

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Find employees with experience in International Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Customs, Shipping and Transport. With recruitment strategies and advice from Jana, you'll see the advantage of 21 years for your business or career.

About Us

Jana Stone

Director and Founder
Jana began her career path in 1984 with a Multinational Freight Forwarder and has since held positions in operations, sales and management culminating in a Directors position. As a result of continued frustrations dealing with recruitment companies, Jana recognised our industry was poorly catered for in terms of experience and reliability.

Stone Freight Solutions was born with a clear vision to provide a superior service to the industry she knows intimately!

Why Us?

When experience and reputation matters

Having spent the last 21 years working primarily in International Logistics and Employment Services. Combining the two areas of speciality and utilising my industry knowledge and network to assist both candidates and employers with finding suitable staff.

Let Us Help You build a smarter business

Tailoring Solutions For Recruitment and Retention of Staff

Individual Behavioural Reports Available

Further Pre-employment Value Added Solutions

Let Us Help You elevate your career

Offer you JOBS that suit your needs and desires!

Offer you the benefit of our INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE and total understanding of YOUR NEEDS!

Offer you convenience in how, when and by what method you would like to be contacted!

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