We manage the entire recruitment process.

Find employees with experience in International Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Customs, Shipping and Transport. With recruitment strategies and advice from Jana, you'll see the advantage of 20 years for your business.


  • Expertise through Experience...

    All consultants are Industry People.

  • Commitment through Consultation...

    We take the time to understand your company culture and staff requirements.

  • Practical Industry Knowledge...

    Finally you can talk to people who speak and fully understand your incoterms.

  • Core Competency Evaluations...

    Interviews and reference checks are standard BUT alone these are not enough SO we have built specific competency evaluations to improve candidate skill and transparency & accuracy!

  • Executive Placement Testing

    Individual assessments provided for Senior Placements with expert consulting specialists that help you develop and retain quality staff.


  • Tailoring Solutions For Recruitment and Retention of Staff

    • To help take the guess work out of recruiting
    • Cut costs
    • Maximise productivity and performance
    • Create efficient and profitable workplaces
    • Assist in planning
    • Achieve specific business objectives and grow your business
  • Individual Behavioural Reports Available

    • Identify Quality Candidates
    • Assess candidate value to your organisation
    • Provide key indicators for motivating and managing your staff
  • Further Pre-employment Value Added Solutions

    • Cognitive Ability
    • Job Satisfaction
    • Organisational Commitment
    • Workplace Safety
    • Integrity


  • Your Guarantee

    The right staff for the position described or we find an appropriate replacement for no extra cost!

  • Your Guarantee Period

    All permanent placements are guaranteed for 90 days from commencement of employment (excluding temporary/contract staff) provided you follow these simple conditions.

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